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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Sexual Abuse and Physical Abuse Claims

Our team of Adelaide compensation lawyers have significant experience in this area of law, and appreciate how difficult it can be for victim survivors of sexual abuse and physical abuse to take the first step when it comes to these personal injury claims. This is why our directors, lawyers and whole team always take a trauma informed approach to dealing with claims of sexual abuse and physical abuse.

All the members of our law firm are committed to achieving the best outcome for clients, and of achieving a favourable compensation pay out. This can include compensation for pain and suffering, economic loss, care and assistance, treatment and travel expenses.

Our personal injury lawyers have a long history of assisting with civil claims against institutions (i.e., schools, churches, governments, community organisations etc.) and directly against individuals who perpetrate sexual abuse and/or physical abuse. Our lawyers can also provide advice to South Australians who have previously resolved a claim against an institution (other than via the National Redress Scheme), who under state law can re-litigate their claim for higher compensation.

Our lawyers can provide advice about whether you should make a National Redress Scheme payment application, seeking a compensation pay out for having suffered institutional child sexual abuse. It is important to understand that if you accept a compensation payment via the National Redress Scheme it finalises all of your legal rights to compensation, potentially for less than could have been achieved by negotiation outside of the National Redress Scheme.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Motor Vehicle Accident Claims

Our personal injury lawyers represent South Australians who have suffered injuries in motor vehicle accidents and are entitled to make compensation claims. This includes drivers and passengers in cars and other vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. If you have suffered an injury under these circumstances but are unsure whether you are eligible to claim compensation under the Compulsory Third Party (CTP) scheme in South Australia, talk to a MKF motor vehicle accident lawyer (Adelaide wide) for advice.​

Motor vehicle accidents are a common cause of personal injury, and our law firm is committed to securing favourable compensation for our clients. Your first discussion with us will be free, and if you instruct us to manage your claim, we will act on a no win, no fee basis. This enables you to access legal representation and advice without incurring any costs in the first instance.​

You should seek legal advice from our lawyers if you are already pursuing a claim and your CTP insurer is:

1. delaying a liability determination;
2. saying you are liable or partly liable for the accident;
3. refusing to fund medical treatment expenses;
4. arranging a medical assessment with a doctor of their choice; or
5. making an offer to resolve your claim.

It is also important to know that ​time limits apply in motor vehicle accident claims.

Many clients who come to our Adelaide CBD office are unaware that time limits apply.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Total and Permanent Disability Claims

You may be entitled to make a Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claim for compensation if an injury, illness or disease means that you are unable to work in a job for which you are qualified. If you have private insurance or insurance provided by your super fund, you may be able to claim a lump sum, or receive your superannuation balance early. There is no time limit for lodging a claim, so even if you stopped working some years ago, you may still be eligible for compensation.

The first step in making a TPD claim is to provide our legal services team with a copy of your policy so that our personal injury lawyers can review how TPD is defined. If you don't have a copy of your policy, we can assist in obtaining it from your superannuation fund or insurer. Many clients are actually unaware that such an insurance policy is attached to their super fund.

We will then compile an employment history and obtain medical reports in order to show how the condition has impacted your capacity to work, and then present these to the insurer.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Medical Negligence Claims

It is unfortunately the case that medical treatment sometimes results in injury, loss and damage. We have a team of medical negligence lawyers Adelaide can rely on to provide all their legal needs.

MKF Lawyers specialise in medical negligence compensation claims, so we appreciate the inherent difficulties in using the law against a medical professional. However, we have the experience and expertise required to provide legal representation in medical negligence claims when a provider has failed in their duty of care, has not properly investigated or diagnosed an injury or illness, has not provided adequate treatment, or has failed to obtain consent for medical treatment.

If you are considering pursuing a claim for medical negligence, it is important to know that the legal system requires you to provide notice within six months of an injury, while all claims for injury as a result of medical negligence need to be made within three years. Therefore, you should contact our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible so we can help you achieve a favourable outcome.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Public Liability Claims

A public liability claim can be made against the owner and/or occupier of a property when an individual enters that property and is then injured, resulting in damage and losses. You may therefore be entitled to claim public liability compensation if you enter business or commercial properties, such as shopping centres, and then incur personal injury as a result of a situation the owner/occupier has created.

There are a range of circumstances under which public liability claims can be made. These can include tripping and slipping, suffering a fall as a result of inadequate lighting, or being subject to a dangerous situation created by the owner/occupier, e.g. a fire.

As the result of personal injury sustained in such circumstances, you may be entitled to make a public liability compensation claim for pain and suffering, loss of earnings and superannuation entitlements, care and assistance, as well as travel and medical expenses. Under personal injury law, the level of public liability compensation you are entitled to receive will depend on the severity of any injury, and how it has impacted on your work and daily living activities.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Dog Attack Claims

If you or a loved one has been the subject of a dog attack on public or private property in your local community, and have suffered a psychological or physical personal injury as a result, you may be entitled to receive compensation. Our personal injury lawyers can represent you in this matter under a no win, no fee arrangement.

In order to make a personal injury claim as the result of an attack by a dog, you will need to be able to show who the owner of the dog is, that you suffered a personal injury, have incurred losses in terms of work and income, and have had to pay out of pocket expenses for medical treatment. Our role as lawyers is to assist you in establishing this.

Under current personal injury law in South Australia, you need to provide notice of your claim within 6 months of the occurrence of any injury suffered, and there is a three year limit on lodging a dog attack claim. Our Adelaide lawyers will advise you at every stage of the process to ensure you are complying with the law in this regard.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Fatal Accident Claims

MKF personal injury lawyers provide legal advice in cases involving deaths that occur as the result of a motor vehicle accident, as well as assisting clients to pursue claims when deaths have happened as a result of medical treatment or through being a victim of murder or manslaughter. Our lawyers can pursue compensation claims in cases of medical negligence and other accident claims when there is a spouse and/or children whose financial situation and wellbeing is dependent on the deceased person.

MKF Adelaide compensation lawyers specialise in providing legal representation in motor vehicle accident claims, including managing a personal injury claim when dependants of a person killed in an accident can demonstrate they have suffered a psychiatric injury.

Our lawyers also handle medical negligence cases, and will claim compensation for dependants in cases where negligence in the provision of medical treatment has resulted in death. Medical negligence claims can be brought against medical providers for breaching their duty of care, ​failing to properly investigate or provide adequate treatment.

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Personal Injury Lawyers Adelaide

Estate Litigation

If you consider sufficient provision was not made for you under a will or that a document is incorrectly being purported to be the final will of a person, you may be able to contest the will.   Legislation restricts who is entitled to contest a will.  It is important that you seek legal advice regarding whether you are entitled to contest a will and on what basis that claim should be made as early as possible as strict time limits apply to contesting a will.  A claim must be notified to the executor and filed in court within 6 months of a grant of probate. 

MKF Lawyers can provide advice regarding whether a will can be contested and provide advice regarding the best approach to protect your entitlements prior to the distribution of an estate occurring.  

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