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Your Trusted Medical Negligence Lawyers in Adelaide

MKF Lawyers are Adelaide's leading medical negligence lawyers. With over 34 years of combined experience in personal injury and compensation law, we specialise in helping clients who have suffered harm due to medical negligence. Established in 2022, MKF Lawyers is dedicated to serving the people of Adelaide and helping them navigate the complexities of medical negligence claims. Our firm comprises three passionate directors: Matt DeGregorio, Katie Sajatovic, and Floyd Bakewell, each experienced in medical negligence claims and committed to providing personalised legal solutions.

We understand that the process of resolving a medical negligence claim can be complex and daunting. For this reason, we offer a free claim check and a no-win, no-fee structure. We only charge fees if we win the case for our clients. We prioritise delivering tailored legal solutions that meet your unique needs and goals.

Medical Negligence Lawyers Adelaide
Medical Negligence Lawyers Adelaide

Helping Clients Navigate Medical Negligence Claims in Adelaide

Are you considering making a medical negligence claim? You should seek legal advice from a trusted and experienced medical negligence lawyer in Adelaide to ensure you understand everything. Every medical negligence case is unique, and the amount of compensation you can claim depends on various factors. A claim can usually be made for pain and suffering, lost earnings, future loss of income, business losses (if relevant), care and assistance needs, and medical expenses. At MKF Lawyers, we can help you understand your legal rights and the compensation options available.

Our team will work with you to gather evidence and build a strong case. We will obtain relevant medical records and reports from independent doctors regarding liability and causation. We'll also work to ensure you receive compensation for all the harm caused. With our help, you can focus on your recovery while we work to get you the compensation you deserve

The Process We Follow as Your Medical Negligence Lawyers in Adelaide

Understanding the process and timeline of a medical negligence claim is crucial. The duration can vary depending on your case's complexity, the availability of evidence, and the parties' willingness to negotiate a settlement. Typically, medical negligence claims can take approximately 18 to 24 months from the date you contact us.

The process our medical negligence lawyers follow involves several key steps:

1. Initial Consultation: Our medical negligence lawyers in Adelaide start with a phone call or in-person meeting to discuss your case.

2. Statement: We'll take a statement from you to understand and document the facts of the case.

3. Claim Notification: We'll notify the other party of the claim.

    Medical Negligence Lawyers Adelaide
    Medical Negligence Lawyers Adelaide

    4. Medical Records: Gathering relevant medical records is essential for building your case, so we will request the records needed to assist in your claim.

    5. Independent Medical Reports: We’ll obtain reports from independent doctors regarding liability as well as the cause and impact of your injuries.

    6. Injury Stabilisation: Your injuries must stabilise before final assessments of your losses are obtained. We’ll guide you through when it is appropriate to request final assessments.

    7. Financial Records: We’ll collect relevant financial and taxation records.

    8. Settlement Offer: We’ll prepare an offer of settlement to initiate negotiations.

    You can trust that we have the necessary experience and expertise to handle your medical negligence case at MKF Lawyers. Contact us today for a free claim check, and let us guide you through the process. 

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