No Win No Fee

What does it mean?

  • When it comes to legal fees we are transparent and encourage you to ask questions or seek updates at any time and as often as you wish.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful and you receive no compensation then you do not pay the legal fees charged by MKF Lawyers.
  • Success means obtaining any amount of compensation.
  • If your claim is successful, the other party will pay some of the fees you owe to MKF Lawyers provided your compensation amount is more than $25,000 for a motor vehicle accident claim or $12,000 for other compensation claims. If the compensation amount is less than this amount or if you are making a TPD, Income Protection or Superannuation claim, then all legal fees are paid from the compensation funds.
  • There will be a gap between the amount contributed towards MKF Lawyers fees by the other party and the fees charged to you. The gap in fees is paid from the compensation amount but will not exceed the total sum of compensation.
  • MKF Lawyers have a policy of reducing their fees to no more than half of the compensation amount so that you will always receive some compensation, even where the case turns out far worse than anticipated. The exception to this policy is when a client has been untruthful and this has caused the low compensation payment. 
  • If your claim is entirely unsuccessful after a trial, you will be liable for the legal costs of the other party even though you do not have to pay the legal fees of MKF Lawyers. Trials are rare and we will continually advise you regarding your risk level and whether to proceed.
  • If your claim is unsuccessful before trial, it is rare that you would need to pay the legal costs of the other party. We will continually advise you of such risks and endeavour to negotiate solutions when necessary.
  • During the claim there will likely be payments required to Doctors and Courts as well as other organisations, but these are the main two. We can assist you in obtaining funding to pay these organisations but if your claim is unsuccessful you remain responsible for these payments. We will provide an estimate of the likely amount of these payments at the start of your claim.
  • Claims are able to be negotiated at any time. 
  • We will advise you frequently regarding the strength of your claim and the likely outcome.

We work on a no win no fee basis for most personal injury claims including claims relating to motor vehicle accidents, childhood sexual and physical abuse, dog attacks, public liability, medical negligence and total and permanent disability.