Public Liability Lawyers Adelaide

The Leading Public Liability Lawyers in Adelaide

Have you suffered an injury in a privately or publicly owned space and need professional help from Adelaide's leading public liability lawyers? At MKF Lawyers, we understand that you may need help making a public liability claim. We deal with slip-and-fall cases, trip-and-fall cases, occupier’s liability, physical assaults, dog attack claims, boating accidents and injuries caused by property owned by another person.

MKF Lawyers provides confidential and personalised legal services.
We understand clients have many choices when deciding who to engage to assist them with their legal claims. Fortunately, our lawyers strive to provide excellent services. We can help you pursue compensation for your injuries on a no-win, no-fee basis. We don't see ourselves as important, instead, we see you as a crucial client with legal problems that must be addressed as efficiently as possible. This is what makes us the go-to professionals for many clients. We have also received recognition in Doyle’s Guide for Public Liability, which means that our law firm is a recommended law firm for public liability. In addition to this, Matt DeGregorio, our Managing Director, is also a recommended lawyer for public liability.

Public Liability Lawyers Adelaide
Public Liability Lawyers Adelaide

Public Liability Claims Our Lawyers in Adelaide Can Handle

Our experienced lawyers in Adelaide can help you file a claim against the owner or occupier of a property after you have been injured within that property and suffered damages. In addition, our lawyers can assist you if you enter a business or commercial property and incur personal injury due to a situation the owner or occupier has created.

As an experienced legal team, we understand the circumstances under which public liability claims can be made. You may be entitled to claim compensation for pain, suffering, and loss of earnings. At MKF Lawyers, we fully understand personal injury law. We will take action to help you pursue compensation based on the severity of your injury and how it has impacted your work and daily activities.

What Makes Us Reliable Public Liability Lawyers in Adelaide? 

Many businesses and individuals have public liability insurance for injuries incurred on their property. For this reason, public liability claim sare often paid by public liability insurance. The insurer responding to your claim is not required to act in your best interests. As such, you may miss out on the compensation you are entitled to without the assistance of an experienced public liability lawyer in Adelaide. 

At MKF Lawyers, we are ready to help you pursue your claim against these large companies and ensure the process is as seamless as possible. We know you deserve legal advice, even if you can't afford to pay for legal services upfront. That is why we usually work on a no-win, no-fee basis. If you decide to work with us, we will only charge you if you receive a lump sum compensation payment, regardless of how long the claim takes. We strive to be transparent, approachable, and attentive to the unique needs of our clients. 

Public Liability Lawyers Adelaide

Contact our passionate public liability lawyers in Adelaide to assess your case, and we'll let you know how we can help you. 

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