Will Dispute Lawyers Adelaide

MKF Lawyers: Your Trusted Will Dispute Lawyers in Adelaide

At MKF Lawyers, our experienced will dispute lawyers in Adelaide provide services in estate litigation. Our firm, comprising directors Matt DeGregorio, Katie Sajatovic, and Floyd Bakewell, boasts a collective 34 years of legal experience. 

Legislation imposes restrictions on contesting a will, and it's crucial to seek legal advice promptly. At MKF Lawyers, we will advise you whether you are entitled to contest a will and the basis for your claim. Time is of the essence, as a claim must be filed within six months of a grant of probate. 

If you consider you have received insufficient provision, under a will or no provision at all, or there are doubts about the deceased’s capacity at the time of preparing their will, contact us urgently. MKF Lawyers can advise on contesting a will and help protect your entitlements before estate distribution occurs.

At MKF Lawyers, we pride ourselves on transparency, approachability, and tailored legal solutions. We will have an initial free discussion with you to determine the best approach to your will dispute claim. We will then usually work on the basis that payment of our legal fees are not required until the conclusion of the claim, meaning there is no upfront cost to obtain legal advice about your claim entitlements.

will dispute lawyers Adelaide
will dispute lawyers Adelaide

How Can Our Will Dispute Lawyers in Adelaide Help You?

Our dedicated team of will dispute lawyers at MKF Lawyers is here to assist you throughout the dispute resolution process which usually involves:

1. Initial Consultation: We start by understanding the basis of your dispute through a phone or in-person consultation.
2. Document Collection: Our lawyers obtain relevant documents, including the will, probate/administration documents, and other pertinent records.
3. Notice and Asset Details:  We provide notice of the claim to the executor (and/or any other relevant person) and gather details about the assets involved.
4. Evidence Gathering:  We will collect and organise the evidence necessary for your case.
5. Settlement Negotiations: We present a settlement offer and initiate negotiations to achieve the best possible outcome.
6. Court Protection:  If needed, we lodge documents in court to protect your claim and attend any scheduled mediation.

Benefits of Choosing MKF Lawyers as Your Will Dispute Lawyers in Adelaide

When you choose MKF Lawyers for your will dispute case, you benefit from: 

1. Experience: With over 30 years of collective legal experience, our team is well-equipped to handle your will dispute case effectively.
2. Personalised Approach: We prioritise a trauma-informed approach, ensuring sensitivity and understanding in dealing with your claims.
3. Commitment to Success:  MKF Lawyers is dedicated to achieving the best outcome for our clients.
4. Positive Client Testimonials: We have received positive feedback for our professionalism and dedication to achieving optimal outcomes.
5. Availability:  You can contact our team any day of the week, even outside usual business hours, regarding your new claim enquiry.

will dispute lawyers Adelaide

MKF Lawyers is home to reliable will dispute lawyers in Adelaide, offering experience, dedication, and a client-centric approach. Contact us for a free claim check and let us guide you through the legal process.

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